Once engaged, you’ll quickly begin to ask yourself, “Where should I get married ?!” The are so many options for wedding venues and everyone will have an idea of the perfect wedding venue for you….but you need to feel that the venue is right for you, so we’re here to help! You know us, we just love unique wedding venue, so you came to the right source for the best place to get married!

  • A unique place in Сyprus where love lives and stays forever!
  • Where all dreams become true a place where all promises will never be broken.
  • This divine place gives them true meaning and a deep and special power, strength and energy.
  • The spirit of love will stand by you forever!
  • Our unique and special location where events take place.

Land Of Eternal Love is situated on a panoramic hill with a magical sea view. The flora and fauna of the area is breathtaking, with a heady mix of wild flowers and olive groves and wild almond trees.
From every point of view you can enjoy a peaceful landscape opening to a vista of a spectacular view of the delightful fishing harbour of Pomos on the shores of the blue Mediterranean sea.
The location is on private land and everyone can feel comfortable away from the busy tourist areas and fans of “selfies” with the wedding parties. No one will interrupt, only the sound of nature allowing for a complete peace of mind, body and soul. Isolated from urban noises and holiday resorts which will help you to feel a special atmosphere of your “unique” event.
The huge area of our Land can be separated into zones depending on your needs. We can handle events starting from a really private and closed format up to big parties with entertainment, famous bands, orchestras and entertainers, depending on your needs.


Our venues are taking place in an ancient, unique and special place in Cyprus, where archeologists found a statue of the holy Goddess of family happiness and prosperity.
One of the first settlements of people on the island were built nearby the modern village Pomos. At that time people use to live in love and happiness.
So the strong positive energy of the place itself as well as “The Pomos Idol” helps us in our everyday life to build meaningful relationships. The Pomos idol was not just an idol, but a symbol of the joining of two beings male and female, a way of receiving space flow energy sailing into eternity.
On the other hand this idol stands tall and deep into the earth, so it opens up all human possibilities to create a formal and stable future for the family.


Planning your destination wedding isn’t as difficult as you might think. Often it’s as easy as making a few calls and sending a few emails. Many locations now include the services of an experienced and knowledgeable wedding coordinator, and there are many more available for hire in popular areas. If you want to go at it alone, without the help of a coordinator, be prepared for extensive research, preliminary trips (hey, there are worse things!), and perhaps some timing snafus.

Wedding ceremony
Wedding Dinner

Choose your wedding date

Important events, holidays and the popularity of the dates you are considering can all impact your wedding. Make sure to do a little research when choosing your wedding date!

Plan your wedding ceremony

Personalize your ceremony with songs, readings and of course, your vows!

Create wedding day timeline

Use your ceremony time as a starting point and make a list of all of the events that need to happen before and after – adding in some buffer time is always a great idea!

Assign duties to the wedding party

Is your wedding party willing to lend a helping hand? Delegating small, manageable tasks could help save you some wedding stress.

Book your wedding night accommodations

Remove yourself from the stress and chores you might find at home and allow yourself to focus on your first night together as a married couple.

Start planning your honeymoon

Know where you’re headed yet? Check out Honeymoon Ideas That Are Actually Amazing for
getaway, destination details and travel deals.


The best money ever spent, often claimed by past couples, is the wedding planner! Planners and event designers can help with organizing the details, overall design, or a combination of services. Whether a one-on-one consultation to get you started with initial plans, day-of wedding coordinator to see that things run smoothly, or someone to help enhance your ideas and fully execute all details and design, a planner will help create a seamless and stunning event. They have the knowledge, expertise, resources, and tools that can save you time, money, and stress in dealing with situations that will arise during the planning process and at the actual event. When you work with a planner you do not have to give up your creativity, just let them help you to build on it and help make your vision a reality.

Cyprus wedding
Cyprus wedding

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